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Ivrea and Olivetti

In 2018, UNESCO conferred World Heritage status on Ivrea, a city in the foothills of the Alps in the Piedmont region.  Known as the “Industrial City of the 20th Century,” Ivrea is about an hour by train north of Turin.  … Continue reading

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The supplì and the arancino/a

Both the supplì and the arancino/a are Italian street food made from rice.  Both are beloved comfort food mostly eaten as appetizers but can be consumed at almost any time of day or night.  But one is based in Rome, … Continue reading

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Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti was probably the greatest tenor of the twentieth century and the most beloved since Enrico Caruso (1873 – 1921).  He was also one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time in part because he won crossover … Continue reading

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Restaurant, Trattoria, Osteria

In Italy there are different types of eating establishments—namely, restaurants, trattorias, and osterias.  The differences today don’t mean as much as in the past, as many trattorias and even restaurants today call themselves osterias, and vice versa.  And the evolution … Continue reading

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The Lowest Common Denominator

I recently read an article in The Washington Post about the impact of television on populist politics in Italy.  The story really begins with the opening of Italy’s airwaves by Radiotelevisione italiana (RAI), which is the national public broadcasting company owned … Continue reading

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The Italian Baseball League

As an avid baseball fan, I was not surprised to learn that the Chicago Cubs had recruited this year a Dominican player named Robel Garcia.  After all, many baseball players come from Caribbean islands.  But I was stunned to learn … Continue reading

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3 Doctors and a Hospital:  How a disease saved Jews during WWII

It was October 16, 1943, shortly after 5:00 a.m.  On duty at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital, on the Tiber Island in Rome, were Giovanni Borromeo, the head physician, Vittorio Sacerdoti, a young practicing physician, and Adriano Ossicini, a medical student.  From … Continue reading

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