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Thomas Becket and today

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent (or, meddlesome) priest?” This is one of the most famous quotations that has come down to us through oral tradition.  Today it is often adapted in modern political life and strife.  Although apocryphal, … Continue reading

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Starbucks: Full Circle

On a plaque on the wall is an homage to Milan: “The city that inspired our dreams.  Every coffee that we have ever served brought us here.” It refers to a 1983 visit by Howard D. Schultz, Starbucks’ chairman emeritus, who … Continue reading

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Superstitions are beliefs or actions that are contrary to science but are widely held throughout the world.  They are taught from an early age and are part of popular tradition.  The first use of the Latin superstitio is found in the … Continue reading

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Food Full of Holes

How many foods can you name that have holes in them?  “Holey” food is more common than you probably think.  In some cases, the holes have a culinary purpose; in others, they are symbolic. As with many Italian foods, the history … Continue reading

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A Brief History of “Santa Lucia”

One of the most beautiful songs that we associate with Christmas is “Santa Lucia.”  It was a traditional Neapolitan song that was translated from dialect into Italian in the early stages (1850s) of the Risorgimento (the Unification of Italy).  It is … Continue reading

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Corpus Domini

Corpus Domini (or Corpus Christi) is one of the main celebrations of the liturgical year in the Catholic Church.  It is celebrated throughout the world, but it has a special significance in Ovieto (Umbria), Italy.  Since 1264, the holiday has … Continue reading

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Ancient Roman Baths

While many contemporary western cultures see bathing as a private activity conducted in the home, bathing was a communal activity in ancient Rome.  Bathhouses were the cultural centers of daily life.  The earliest descriptions of western bathing practices came from … Continue reading

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