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Why Monopoly is becoming a hit in Italy

 The board game, Monopoly, quite popular in the United States decades ago, has been sold in Italy since 1935 (see the post from April 2015).  In 2011, to honor 150 years of Italian unification, an anniversary edition was published based … Continue reading

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Clue in Hebrew to a Vanished Cemetery

The following post is based on an article in The New York Times by the same title that appeared in April 2017.  My friend, Jean Perloff, translated the article into Italian. A sister student and an Italophile, Jean is a … Continue reading

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Italy is the place to be

In 2017, the Bloomberg Global Health Index rated Italy number 1 out of 163 countries for a long and healthy life.  Every country in the index was evaluated based on diverse variables: life expectancy, causes of death, health risks such … Continue reading

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Speaking two languages protects the brain

I have always envied people who are bilingual—how they can so easily move from one language to another.  They seem to think in two languages—despite major differences in vocabulary and idioms, grammatical structure, and syntax.  Meanwhile, those struggling to learn … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Times in Venice

Sant’Erasmus and Le Vignole are small islands in the Venetian lagoon north of the Lido.  Sant’Erasmus was a port attached to Murano in the 8th century.  Today these islands are known as “island gardens.”  They supply Venice with their famous … Continue reading

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The Montalbano Mysteries

In 1994, the Italian writer Andrea Camilleri began a series of mysteries that feature Inspector Montalbano.  At the age of 91, Camilleri has written 23 of these mysteries, about one a year.  They are set in Sicily in the fictional … Continue reading

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Some Tips on How to Cook Pasta

So far, I have written 2 posts on pasta:  A Tour of Italy through Pasta (19 November 2015), which highlighted the pastas by region throughout Italy, and A Brief Glossary of Pastas with Fun Names (26 November 2015).  Pasta, of … Continue reading

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