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Gorgonzola is one of the oldest blue cheeses in the world.  It was developed about the same time as Roquefort in France. Its ancestor dates back to the Roman age when, in the fall, the cows were herded down from … Continue reading

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Rossini is the most famous _____ in Italy today

Can you guess? No, nothing to do with music or food, at least not directly.  Rossini is an orange tabby cat who became famous in Rovigo, a city in the Veneto, about 80 kilometers southwest of Venice.  As his reputation … Continue reading

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Il Vino Italiano

Joel Garbarino è il blogger ospite di questa settimana. È un ingegnere, un amico, e un collega studente d’ italiano a Santa Barbara. I suoi parenti italiani sono liguri e poiché non parlano inglese, ha imparato a parlare italiano. È … Continue reading

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Italian Wine

Joel Garbarino is this week’s guest blogger.  He is an engineer, a friend, and a fellow Italian student from Santa Barbara.  His Italian relatives are from Liguria and because they do not speak English, he learned to speak Italian.  And, … Continue reading

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Italy’s Rural Soul: Part II

Italy’s enchanting hilltop towns are as fundamental to the country’s identity as its grand, artistic cities.  They represent the essence of Italian history and the country’s artisanal traditions.  While the government has done little to help preserve them, local citizens … Continue reading

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Italy’s Rural Soul: Part I

As we traveled to many of Umbria’s hilltop towns last year, we were struck, of course, by the beauty of the architecture and character of these towns of stone.   We were also awestruck by the gorgeous vistas over the green … Continue reading

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The Strange Ironies Surrounding Fettuccine Alfredo

First of all, Fettuccine Alfredo is not an Italian dish even though it was “invented” in Rome.  It is full of butter, cream, and parmesan, and Italians almost never put cream on pasta.   In Rome, the city of pasta alla … Continue reading

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