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Wine Windows

Sometime between the bubonic plagues of the 1300s and 1600s in Europe, wine merchants in Tuscany built “wine windows” to prevent buyers and sellers from coming into close contact.  These arched windows were small openings on the facades of palazzos … Continue reading

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Albright’s Questions

This is the second in a two-part series on Fascism.  Last week:  Mussolini and Trump Madeleine Albright concludes her book, “Fascism: A Warning” with 10 questions that we should ask ourselves about our prospective leaders: Do they cater to our … Continue reading

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Mussolini and Trump

At the outset of her book, “Fascism: A Warning,” Madeleine Albright quotes Primo Levi (1919 -1987), an Italian chemist, partisan, Holocaust survivor, and writer: “Every age has its own Fascism.”  It is true today in Europe and the United States … Continue reading

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