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The Figure of Saint Anthony

On a pillar of the façade of the Basilica in Padua stands the figure of Saint Anthony, created in the first half of the 14thcentury.  Slightly less than life size, he almost feels physically present with a gesture of blessing … Continue reading

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The Statue of Liberty: An Evolving History

The history of the Statue of Liberty is the story of 3 countries—France, the United States, and Italy— the turbulent times in these countries in the mid to late 1800s, and the bonds these countries shared then and now.  As … Continue reading

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The Trap

The scene: Church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Castelnuovo Magra, a town of less than 8,500 people in the province of La Spezia, region of Liguria. The protagonists: Don Alessandro Chiantaretto, parish priest of Santa Maria Maddalena; Daniele Montebello, mayor … Continue reading

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Who Invented the Telephone?

American school children are taught that is was Alexander Graham Bell.  In fact, it was Antonio Meucci.  He was an interesting and prolific inventor who, unfortunately, had a tragic life. Meucci was born in Florence in 1808.  He attended the … Continue reading

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Carpaccio times 2

Carpaccio is an antipasto that frequently appears on Italian menus, as well as in other cuisines.  In its traditional form, it is very thinly sliced raw beef drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, and seasoned with salt and pepper.  … Continue reading

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The Nun of Monza

In I Promessi Sposi, Alessandro Manzoni calls her “Gertrude.”  Her given name at birth was Marianna de Leyva but she assumed her mother’s name, Virginia Maria, when she became a nun.  The story of her life — full of sex, scandal, power, … Continue reading

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Roman Concrete

The Amatrice earthquake in August 2016 killed nearly 300 people and caused widespread destruction. For many people, the buildings in Piazza Sagnotti were especially a puzzle:  why did some buildings survive without a crack while others completely collapsed?  It turns out … Continue reading

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