Barbara Hill-Vollero spent her professional life in the health care field as a writer, editor, hospital administrator, grassroots lobbyist, publisher. She has always loved languages: 7 years(!) of Latin, then French as my first romance language, a brief stint in Mandarin Chinese (now that was tough), and a very happy, fun time with Italian…inspired by my husband’s Italian-American heritage. Any new language makes you question your native language in so many interesting ways, which I plan to explore on my blog.

Besides languages, my other passions are baseball, food, exercise, and classical music. You will see blogs on all of these topics, including the best pizza oven maker in the world, who lives with us in Santa Barbara, and the best “pianista” in the world, who is from Verona but stays with us periodically (he was at the Music Academy of the West) and may come to live in Los Angeles (fingers crossed).

2 Responses to About

  1. Bernadette says:

    Wow! A really terrific idea here – fun-spirited is the description that comes to mind. Why not also write it in English for those of us not bilingual?!?!?! Thanks for passing along though… 🙂

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