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Welcome to Olivo Santa Barbara

L’Olivo Santa Barbara is a blog about cultural similarities and differences between Italy and the United States, with some emphasis on Santa Barbara, California.  The blog addresses history, travel, film, music, art, food, and people and animals.  Following an introduction … Continue reading

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La Vespa

In a country known for its beautiful car, clothing, and high-tech designs, the Vespa (Italian for “wasp”) remains one of the most iconic around the world.   It is an enduring symbol of Italy’s post-war inventiveness. Its brightly painted, slim-waisted silhouette … Continue reading

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“Tulipano” e Walter de Hoog

I belong to a book group that the 2 Marys started—my sister Mary Smith and Mary Heebner, the artist I featured in a former post.  I was a little leery of joining the book group not wanting to have more … Continue reading

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Una storia che fa bene al cuore grazie a Facebook

Two beautiful cats, two similar stories…. Ho letto un articolo nel Corriere della Sera almeno un anno fa circa un bel gatto che si chiamava “Ciro.” Il gatto nero e bianco abitava a Monza, città nella Regione della Lombardia, situata … Continue reading

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Il Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog that has been specially bred in Italy to find truffles.  In fact, Italian law mandates the use of dogs in truffle hunting, whereas pigs are also used in other European countries.   The Lagotto … Continue reading

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