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The Lost Murals of Renaissance Rome

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, many palazzos and public buildings in Rome had elaborate painted facades.  The scenes were executed in fresco, a technique that binds paint with wet plaster, forming a hard surface when dry.  Favorite subjects were … Continue reading

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Pancetta e Guanciale

Queste due carni italiane hanno molte somiglianze, ma anche molte differenze. Entrambe provengono dal maiale e sono stagionate per prevenire la crescita dei batteri e per ottenere i loro gusti distinti. Entrambe sono salate e grasse ma senza l’affumicatura della … Continue reading

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Pancetta vs. Guanciale

These two Italian meats have many similarities, but also many differences.  Both come from pork and are cured to prevent bacteria growth and to achieve their distinct tastes.  Both are salty and fatty but without the smokiness of American bacon.  … Continue reading

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