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Pancetta vs. Guanciale

These two Italian meats have many similarities, but also many differences.  Both come from pork and are cured to prevent bacteria growth and to achieve their distinct tastes.  Both are salty and fatty but without the smokiness of American bacon.  … Continue reading

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Un nuovo concetto nella ristorazione italiana

I piatti variano molto in tutto il Bel Paese. I turisti che visitano solo le grandi città d’arte come Roma, Firenze o Venezia assaporeranno solo una piccola parte dell’abbondanza che offre l’intero Paese. La cucina tradizionale varia non solo a … Continue reading

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A New Concept in Italian Restaurants

Italian food varies wildly throughout Il Bel Paese.  Tourists who visit only Rome, Florence or Venice will sample only a tiny share of the abundance that the entire country offers.  Traditional recipes vary not only by Italy’s 20 regions, but … Continue reading

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