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Covid-19 Detection Dogs

Using their incredible sense of smell, dogs today do many types of work for humans.  They detect signs of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer, among many other ailments.  They are allies in military operations, smelling out hidden explosives.  They partner … Continue reading

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L’Italia: Il paese dell’anno

Il 2021 è stato un anno difficile in tutto il mondo. Il Covid-19 ha continuato a diffondere miseria con nuove varianti, e i vaccini sono stati distribuiti irregolarmente.  Le libertà civili e le norme democratiche sono state minate in Cina … Continue reading

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Italy: Country of the Year

2021 was a difficult year throughout the world.  Covid-19 continued to spread misery as new variants emerged, and vaccines were unevenly distributed.  Civil liberties and democratic norms were undermined in China and many other countries.  Russia’s main opposition leader was … Continue reading

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