How many types of passports are there in the world?

Can you guess? I would have thought hundreds, closer to 1,000. The answer is 192. They all pretty much have the same size and format. They generally contain the holder’s name, place and date of birth, signature, and other identifying information.images

Passports vary by color and by freedom or restrictions of travel throughout the world. The web site, Passport Index, offers the panorama of nations and passports throughout the world. What color of passport is most prevalent? First, red, then blue, then green. You can see how beautiful this is on the site. You can also navigate around a geographic map of the world to discover the passport for a country, or see any passport in an Italian passportalphabetical listing by country.

US passportPerhaps the most interesting feature on the site is the “Passport Power Rank.” It is an index from 1 to 80 that classifies passports based on the number of countries or states that the holder can visit without a visa. At the top—rank 1—are only two countries, the United States and Great Britain, which have the liberty to visit 147 other countries. Rank 2 belongs to France, Germany, and South Korea with 145 countries. In third position is Italy and Sweden with 144 nations to visit without a visa.vatican city passport

With 143 countries at rank 4 are Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, San Marinoand the Netherlands. San Marino has rank 20 (123 nations) and Vatican City has rank 25 (113 nations). At rank 80 are the Palestinian territories, the African archipelago of São Tomè and Principe, the South Sudan, Myanmar, and the Solomon Islands, where the number of nations that can be visited without a visa falls to 28.

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