10 things that are done better in Italy

Recently I read an article in Corriere della sera about 10 things are that are done better in Italy according to CNN’s web site.  I found the list a little strange.  I tried unsuccessfully to locate the original article online in part to see what the basis of comparison was.    Corriere says that the classification mixes clichés with a sincere love of Belpaese.  Here is the list.  What do you think?

1.     Thermal Baths.  This is a tradition that comes from ancient Rome and that has beenbagno termale exported around the world.  To relax in a spa is good for the body and the mind.  The CNN list offers a choice between Ischia, Toscana, Bormio and Garda.
2.    To Curse.  Cursing isn’t always synonymous with rudeness…at least in Italy, says Corriere.  If Italians raise their voice, sometimes it’s in a way, it’s true, that surprises and intimidates.  But sometimes it charms—as if they were on a stage and performing.  Also think of Italian football!
3.    To hang out at the beach.  Italy has 7,400 chilometres (about 4,600 miles) of beach, the record for Europe.  The beaches have artistic and environment beauty.  The seas rival spiaggiathose in the tropics.
4.    To change government.  CNN provides some chilling figures.  After the second world war, Italy changed governments 62 times with 40 prime ministers.  Only one lasted for an entire term of 5 years.
5.    To visit volcanoes.  There are 10 active volcanoes in Italy.  Visiting the craters is a flourishing tourist business.  Etna is the second most active volcano in the world after Mauna Loa in Hawaii.Vulcano
6.    Dessert.  Personally, I believe that Italy is the culinary capital of the world:  pizza, pasta, cappuccino, etc.  According to CNN, Italy is unbeatable on the dessert front:  gelato, tiramisu, cannoli, biscotti, spumoni, truffles, zeppole (like doughnuts).  But wait, truffles as a dessert?  Maybe chocolate.  Anyway, the list of desserts is longer than the list of governments.
7.    Caves.  Italy is one of the countries with the most caves.  The Guinness Book of Records cites Grotta Gigante in Friuli, visible at a depth of 850 meters (almost 2,790 feet).
8.    Sports Cars.  No one else in the world knows how to make elegant cars like the Italians. automobile
9.    River Cruise Ships.  I was not aware that cruise ships along rivers was such a big tourist attraction in Italy.  According to CNN, the rivers are not long and not easily navigated as in the rest of Europe, but the views are unique.  Ironically, many Italians hate the cruise ships, particularly around Venice where they are an environmental hazard and a tourist nightmare.  Then, of course, there is the Costa crociereConcordia….
10.    ???  Neither CNN nor Corriere list a 10th!  Therefore, we can decide.  What do you think?  Art, music, opera, antiquities?  My Italian teacher, Gabriella, votes for the people:  “Despite all of their problems, the Italians are one of the nicest people in the world.”
In any case, take this list with a smile and with a grain of salt.

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7 Responses to 10 things that are done better in Italy

  1. Anne LaRiviere says:

    People, yes, but also fashion!
    Thanks for posting this

    Most Sincerely,

    Anne LaRiviere
    Optimum Performance Institute/Roanne Program
    (888) 558-0617

  2. Hyon Chough says:

    How about Design in fashion, all those fashion houses based in Italy and industrial design such as Olivetti…. and Furniture design, all top designs are coming from Italy.

  3. My daughter sat in a spa in Bormio a few months ago enjoying the snow that surrounded her, so we agree about number three! Monecatini (midway between Florence and Lucca) could be added; however, there one needs a doctor’s prescription.
    Maybe the 10th good thing should be Italian Ceramics. It’s everywhere in Italy and can even be found locally.
    Of course, Gabriella is correct about the people!

  4. Margaret daniel says:

    I love your blog! Cousin Margaret

  5. Pam Santomaso says:

    Hi Barbara, Love, love, reading your blog!!! I made chic picatta last night for dinner. Thought of you after receiving your email. Hope your mom is doing well, I miss and think of her often. I’m hoping she’s getting better acclimated and enjoying her new home near you girls. Thank you very much, I took a copper wall hanging from your moms apartment. I love it and will think of her by it forever. Would love to see you all again, feel like we’ve known you much longer then we have. You never know what could happen. I look forward to continuing our friendship and I will enjoy reading all your articles. Ciao mi amica, Pam Santomaso

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Patricia B Macdonald says:

    Thanks for the English version blog! Very enjoyable… ; D !

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