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Renzi and Italy in the Power Structure of Europe

Italy has given Europe many things, but rarely has it been political leadership in modern times.  Among the European Union countries, Italy is important but not always influential, in part because of decades of political dysfunction.  France and Germany traditionally … Continue reading

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Wikipedia celebra 15 anni (ma non credete a tutto che leggete)

Molti giovani oggi non riescono a immaginare un mondo senza Wikipedia,  un punto di riferimento della conoscenza online.  Merita quindi ripercorrerne la storia, che è sia affascinante e sia controversa. In realtà le sue origini affondano le radici nel 2000.  … Continue reading

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Wikipedia celebrates 15 years (but don’t believe everything you read)

Many young people today cannot imagine a world without Wikipedia, the online reference for just about anything.  On (or near) its birthday I thought I’d retrace its history—both interesting and controversial. Its origins date back to 2000.  It was an … Continue reading

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