If Prada made flour and Ferrari made pasta…

La pasta FerrariL'olio d'oliva BEnettonA quart of milk from Apple, Versace eggs, a butter cookie from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada    flour,  Ferrari pasta,  and extra virgin olive oil from Benetton.  No, these products you will not yet find (yet) on the shelves of La farina di Pradasupermarkets.   It is the store of expensive brands of food imagined by the artist and designer who works in Israel, Peddy Mergui, for his series “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat,” shown also at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco.  The yogurt of Tiffany, the noodles of Burberry, Hermes salt and pepper, Vuitton salami—they can provoke but also Versace eggsmake you ponder:  the series, it is written on the author’s site, “wants to point out how much a designer must push himself outside of his own world ethic to propose a saleable product.”  In lo yogurt di Tiffanysummary, more than the product itself, often it is the way it is presented—in this case, the packaging—that can push the consumer to purchase it.  This is how AdWeek translates Peddy’s philosophy:  “There is a seat for every backside.  If you construct it, they will come.”  Huh?il salame VuittonHermes



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1 Response to If Prada made flour and Ferrari made pasta…

  1. Silvio Di Loreto says:

    Thank you Sweet one. my love to your husband also.

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