Le tre FIAT

IMG_1745Un giorno l’inverno scorso, sono andata a una banca a Santa Barbara per usare il Bancomat (ATM).  Mi sono girata e ho visto questa scena:  la mia macchina (L’OLIVO) insieme ad altre due Fiats parcheggiata in fila.  I tre proprietari stavano usando il bancomat.  Abbiamo riso e abbiamo osservato come questa macchina italiana stia diventando popolare negli Stati Uniti.  Uno dei  proprietari (con l’auto verde chiara) era Susan Gwynne, un’amica dalla Music Academy of the West, che ha preso questa foto.  Grazie, Susan!

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2 Responses to Le tre FIAT

  1. Frank Vollero says:

    Too funny. You’re Italian is excellent.

  2. Silvio Di Loreto says:

    I think I read and understood your message. One day this Friday past You went to the Bank to use the Bancomat machine and when you turned you saw this scene (all those fiats parked in a row or file with your Fiat) All of the owners wanted to use the Bancomat You didn’t realize that the cars were that popular in the United States. One of the cars (The Green One) belonged to your friend Susan Gwynne, who took the photo. She is from the Music Academy of the West.

    Did I get the gist of it? You can be honest with me. I just signed up to take Italian lessons. (About time) You speak and write it so well, you have inspired me.

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