Welcome to L’olivo

Welcome to the first entry of my blog, the only one that will be written solely in English.  I am starting “L’OLIVO” to share my passion for all things Italian—travel, culture, art, food, music, language—with the hope that you will share your ideas and thoughts as well.
I will try to bring both an Italian and American perspective to cultural topics, and weave in a Santa Barbara or California point of view when I can.  Santa Barbara is called the American Riviera, as its climate, topography, and plant life are reminiscent of the Italian (and French) Rivieras.  In fact, there are many Italians and Italian Americans who live here, perhaps attracted by these very features.
I spend a good part of my days studying the language, but I am still somewhat of a beginner. I try to travel annually to BelPaese, and will send posts from Puglia next.  I do take lessons and my teacher, Gabriella, is wonderful.  She corrects my Italian all the time, and you should feel free to do so as well.
The domain name is inspired by my new little Fiat…color of verde oliva.  I’m awaiting its vanity plate (L OLIVO), which I will deface with an apostrophe.  The car really does look like a green olive, but I chose to name it after the ancient and stately tree.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.  I will attempt to be faithful with a weekly post.
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