A (Short) Glossary (Un glossario) of Pastas (delle paste) with fun names

Agnolotti: “Priests’ caps”
Anellini: “Small Rings”
Bucatini: “Little holes”
Capelli d’Angelo: “Angel’s hair”
Cappelletti: Stuffed “hats”
Cappelli di Pagliaccio: “Clowns’ hats”
Chitarre: “Guitars”
Conchiglie: “Conch shells”
Creste di Galle: “Cocks-combs”
Ditali: “Thimbles”
Farfalle: “Butterflies”
Fettuccine: “Narrow Ribbons”
Fusilli: “Little Springs”
Gigli: “Lilies”
Lancette: “Little Spears”
Lingue di Passeri: “Sparrows’ tongues”
Linguine: “Little tongues”
Lumache: “Snails”
Manicotti: “Muffs”
Mostaccioli: “Little moustaches”
Occhi di Lupo: “Wolf’s eyes”
Orecchiette: “Little ears”
Penne: Quills or “pens”
Ricciolini: “Little curls”
Rotelli: “Small wheels”
Ruote: “Wheels”
Torchietti: “Little Torches”
Vermicelli: “Little Worms”
Ziti: “Bridegrooms”

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2 Responses to A (Short) Glossary (Un glossario) of Pastas (delle paste) with fun names

  1. Frank Vollero says:

    Love it!

  2. babbityjean says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Frank and Joyce and all the kids

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